Photo: Laurel McConnell, 2011

"Boats as Icon of Passage and Memory," an encaustic, collage, assemblage triptych on wood, 18" x 80", 2014, is a commission from the Wing Luke Asian Museum. It will be permanently installed in Seattle's Inscape Building to commemorate its past life as the Immigration and Naturalization Building. Dedication is scheduled for December 7, 2014.

Solo Exhibition, NW Encaustic, Seattle, WA, March 2015

Lecture, "Encaustic Collage," NW Collage Society, Seattle, WA, April 18, 2015

"Grid," Museo Gallery, Langley, WA, May 2015

Presentation, 9th International Encaustic Conference, "Depth and
Dimensionality in Encaustic," June 5, 2015

Solo Exhibition, "Beneath the Surface," Ryan James Gallery, Kirkland, WA, October 2015